My Specialities

Capturing life in digital perspectives through images, video and audio

So who is Shaun Bennett?

Over a number of years I have worked on my personal development and attained a number of new skills as well as honing a few existing ones. I am a Google Trusted Photographer and local guide, providing insight and information on businesses and local places and points of interest. Combining my photography and virtual tour services I assist businesses in getting listed on Google, linking their business directly to Google Street View and bringing visitors from the high street, right through the front door and into a virtual environment that can represent the workplace, a retail or leisure facility.

Whilst creating high quality images of commercial premises, facades and products, creating captivating panoramic images that can bring customers in off the street enables them to browse your store, or workplace, from the comfort and safety of their home environment. This is particularly beneficial under the restrictions of the post-lockdown recovery roadmap set by the Government.

The impact of Covid 19 has affected many businesses and organisations and adopting a virtual showcase will extend your reach beyond the limited footfall that social distancing restrictions impose.

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